47^CHAPTER 47. Collecting, Processing, and Testing Urine Specimens^1016^1017^,,^52871^52966%
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In preparation for the certification examination, you should know the following areas of competence:

Apply principles of aseptic techniques and infection control, including hand washing X X
Dispose of biohazardous materials X X
Practice Standard Precautions X X
Instruct patients in the collection of a clean-catch midstream urine specimen X X
Perform selected CLIA-waived tests (e.g., “kit tests”) X X
Perform urinalysis X X
Screen and follow up on patient test results X X
Determine the needs for documentation and reporting, and document accurately and appropriately X X
Perform risk management procedures   X
Instruct individuals according to their needs X X
Provide patients with methods of health promotion and disease prevention X X
Operate and maintain facilities, and perform routine maintenance of administrative and clinical equipment safely X X
Perform quality control procedures X X
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    After completing Chapter 47, you will be able to:

  1. 47.1 Describe the characteristics of urine, including its formation, physical composition, and chemical properties.
  2. 47.2 Explain how to instruct patients in specimen collection.
  3. 47.3 Identify guidelines to follow when collecting urine specimens.
  4. 47.4 Describe proper procedures for collecting various urine specimens.
  5. 47.5 Explain the process of urinary catheterization.
  6. 47.6 List special considerations that may require you to alter guidelines when collecting urine specimens.
  7. 47.7 Explain how to maintain the chain of custody when processing urine specimens.
  8. 47.8 Explain how to preserve and store urine specimens.
  9. 47.9 Describe the process of urinalysis and its purpose.
  10. 47.10 Identify the physical characteristics present in normal urine specimens.
  11. 47.11 Identify the chemicals that may be found in urine specimens.
  12. 47.12 Identify the elements categorized and counted as a result of microscopic examination of urine specimens.